Research and innovation are very important parts of our activity and we maintain active internal and external research programs in close collaboration with academics, medical and industry partners.

Cynbiose aims to bring an innovative approach to the exploration of non-human primate models by developing clinically relevant models with scientifically relevant proof of concept (POC) studies. This is essential to address therapeutic needs and for a successful clinical development.

Cynbiose manages this innovative approach by mastering all techniques required to fully utilize the potential of these complex preclinical models, and by nurturing a large network of academic and industry collaborators. Our dedicated projects teams can thus leverage their scientific and technical expertise to help tackle the challenges of developing clinically relevant preclinical models.


To support and accelerate biomedical research, we propose:


Since our incorporation we have setup a network of selected partners with outstanding expertise and capabilities to achieve scientific research and innovation goals.

We can either work on a co-development business model to share the development risks or participate in R&D funding programs such as ANR, Horizon Europe, IMI, ….

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