State-of-the-art facility

Our preclinical facility is located in France and meets the European regulation requirements.


Animal welfare

Our facility is AAALAC accredited since June 2015.

This full accreditation renewed for the 2nd time in 2021 demonstrates that Cynbiose is commited to uphold the gold standards for animal welfare and health & safety of our teams.

We have developed and implemented training methods and programs for an improved approach of the animals. These trainings aim to acclimate the animals to manipulations and to reduce their stress and fear through positive reinforcement techniques. They aim to improve the relationship between man and animal, especially during handling, by seeking better cooperation from the animals. These methods contribute to the improvement of animal welfare.


Our facility allows studies in biosafety level 1 to 3 to be carried out safely, rendering it particularly

well- suited for the assessment of therapies or vaccines against infectious diseases.

We have accreditations to work with GMOs as genetically modified viruses, viral vectors, vector-based genetically modified vaccines, gene therapies, cell therapies, etc… up to biosafety level 2 or even 3 under certain conditions.


Ethics is a major concern for us. All our research protocols are performed in strict accordance with EU regulations and are reviewed by an external Ethical Committee. Compliance to AAALAC guidelines is ensured by voluntary audits every 3 years.

We respect the principles of 3R testing approaches (replacement, reduction, refinement) and work on R&D projects to develop innovative assays.

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