Customized Proof-of-Concept models

Cynbiose’s scientific and technical core competences enable us to provide innovative preclinical services to support the pharmaceutical industry in their drug development strategy.

We offer over 25 years combined experience in developing efficacy models in translational non-human primate models.

Based on our sponsors’ objectives and requirements, we provide a customized and personalized service with:

  • An in-depth literature review
  • Advice on the relevant species regarding the drug MOA
  • Proposal for in vivo efficacy models and bespoke study designs
  • Selection and coordination of a project team involving scientific experts, veterinarians, surgical surgeons or clinicians, thanks to Cynbiose’s unparalleled network of hospitals, academic research centers and consultants.
  • Robust study design, characterization, data analysis and validation with reference compounds
  • Preclinical testing of the drug, biomaterial or medical device in a GLP-like environment.

We have developed efficacy models with industrials and through R&D programs with academic teams in different therapeutic areas like cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, osteaoarthritis, …, for example:

  • MOG quality modifies evolution of EAE in macaques. Stimmer et al, 2021.
  • A non-human primate model of stroke reproducing endovascular thrombectomy and allowing long-term imaging and neurological read-outs. Wateau et al, 2020.
  • NHP model for the assessment of antimalarial efficiency of drug candidates. Grandin et al, 2012.
  • Development of a cynomolgus macaque model of infection with HRSV. Blanc et al, 2016.
  • Minimally invasive closed chest myocardial occlusion-reperfusion model in Macaca mulatta) monitoring by contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging. Contamin et al, 2012.
  • Minimally invasive post-ischemic model of chronic heart failure. Dru et al, 2012.
  • Cartilage defect model in non-human primate. Dufour et al, 2018.

As Cynbiose is an R&D-performing SME, we are eligible for national and international R&D programs (ANR, FUI, Horizon Europe, … ) to carry out collaborative and innovative research projects.

We can also co-develop new models in partnership with our sponsor, share the risk and cost to increase success.

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