We are currently witnessing a scientific revolution with regards to microbiome studies. There is a wealth of scientific data to indicate the significance of microbiota in human health; microbiota composition plays a factor in the onset of numerous conditions including inflammatory diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, auto-immune and central nervous system diseases. Microbiota composition also has an influence on the efficacy of targeted therapies in humans. More specifically, numerous studies suggest that the composition of the microbiome has a genuine influence on the response to immunotherapy drugs for treating cancer or infectious diseases, as well as to antivirals and vaccines.

The murine model has allowed for major advances in the field of the microbiome, but the results obtained using it cannot necessarily be transferred to humans, in particular because of the physiological and genetic differences between mice and humans. To date, there is no NHP efficacy model for studying the microbiome, in particular in the context of infectious human diseases.

CYNBIOME : 1st excellence network on microbiota and infectious diseases

Based on this observation and on the preclinical needs of academic research teams and biopharmaceutical companies, Cynbiose launches CYNBIOME, the first excellence network on microbiota and infectious diseases based on the Non-Human Primate (NHP) model.

This new project aims to drive and structure the CYNBIOME excellence network. It will take full advantage of the synergy between local stakeholders by creating a division for the preclinical investigation of the microbiome.

“We would like to make the CYNBIOME structure a unique network that connects a translational model with technological tools, scientific and industrial expertise, and specialized partners for the preclinical study of microbiota in NHP models. This innovative project, the first of its kind in Europe, demonstrates Cynbiose’s ability to position itself as a spearhead in these major scientific and economic challenges, bringing together talents in a therapeutic field that addresses important public health needs,” said Hugues Contamin, CEO of Cynbiose. “The already available preclinical services will be continuously improved and complemented thanks to CYNBIOME R&D results. The project may also open up to other fields, such as metabolic, inflammatory and central nervous system diseases, at some point in the future.”

The project has procured financing of €1.9 million ($2.1M) under the third phase of the French Program ‘Investment for the Future’ (PiA3). CYNBIOME is financed by the French government and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and is supported by Bpifrance (The French Public Bank of Investment).

For more information, read the press release published on Januray 28th, 2020.


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