In vivo preclinical imaging

Thanks to its anatomy similar to human regarding critical aspects (brain, joints, lungs…), the non-human primate can be involved in clinically relevant imaging protocols, using the same devices and methods than those used in human patients. Cynbiose has established long-lasting relationships with public and private partners to offer multimodal state-of-the-art imaging methods, such as :

  • Echocardiography, Doppler
  • CT scanner, µCT scanner
  • Fluoroscope
  • MRI (operated by Hawkcell)
  • HawkCell is a company specialized in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for preclinical research studies, but also for early-stage research such as proof-of-concept studies. Based on a unique technology combining hardware and software developments, HawkCell’s services provide fast, precise, and quantitative analysis for in vivo evaluation of drug candidates and medical devices (MD). The field of work is infinite and range from neurology, cardiology, digestive, musculoskeletal pathologies… to inflammation, oncology, metabolism disorders and up to MD biocompatibility tests. HawkCell handles in vivo image acquisition, post-processing and image quantification in compliance with the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry, but also in accordance with the 3R principle. HawkCell has its own research laboratory with SLA 3D printers, and electronic devices for any tailored applications requiring specific MRI coils or 3D parts.


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