New scientific publication on NHP model of diet-induced atherosclerosis

25 May 2021

Cynbiose is proud to present a paper based on our NHP model of diet-induced atherosclerosis. Cynbiose’s atherosclerosis NHP model had already been shown to induce atherosclerotic plaques and clear dyslipidemia and #hypercholesterolemia in our animals. In this new paper, whole-body multimodal imaging showed that while healthy aged animals displayed a reduced activity of the choroid plexus compared to healthy young ones, atherosclerotic aged animals also showed clear #neuroinflammation in the frontal cortex that correlated with their systemic inflammation level (plasma CRP).


This combined use of cutting-edge imaging and of a physiologically relevant animal model mimicking human pathology evidenced the tight relation between neuroinflammation and #metabolic diseases, opening the way to new therapeutic strategies.

Read the publication here :

Cortical inflammation and brain signs of high-risk atherosclerosis in a non-human primate model .

Brain Commun . 2021 Apr 1;3(2):fcab064. eCollection 2021.

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