Cynbiose, Oncodesign, ERBC, Aepodia and PharmaLex sign a partnering agreement for preclinical and early clinical development.

17 September 2020
Cynbiose, Oncodesign, ERBC, Aepodia and PharmaLex a.r.c. and Belgium are pleased to announce the signature of a partnering agreement to provide the biotech and pharma industry with a full-service offering ranging from hit findings, preclinical research and regulatory developments to first-in-man trials. This established network of companies has seen an opportunity to provide greater added value services to clients worldwide.
As the biopharmaceutical industry moves towards the development of more complex drug candidates and highly personalized approaches, we are convinced that our collaborative and creative research organization network offers a successful solution to unlock the potential of of innovative drug candidates. The combination of expertise will speed up innovative projects from discovery to clinic. We bring together technological platforms, skills and knowledge, ability to set up an appropriate project governance structure within a comprehensive understanding of the drug development process.
The signature of this partnership agreement follows the 1st edition of the symposium held in September 2019 in Paris, France : “Innovative & Integrated Solution Providers in Translational Research to Develop Immunotherapies – Toward Next Generation of Solution Providers”.
The symposium aimed at exploring the current trends in immunotherapies discovery & development from an academic, industrial & regulatory affairs point of view. Three key opinion leaders took to the stage to share research, findings & insights. High quality roundtables took place in the afternoon, led by all the co-organisers. The focus was on tight understanding and collaboration between all partners, resulting in high quality scientific solutions.

“We are very enthusiastic about this unique partnership with companies for whom human and organizational values overlap! We are convinced this combination of expertise, each in its own core business, will strongly support the early development of innovation and create value for the biopharmaceutical industry,“ said Hugues Contamin, CEO of Cynbiose.

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