Cutting edge

Technological capabilities | Bioanalysis | Preclinical services

Cynbiose has developed preferred partnerships with varous technological platforms acknowledged for their expertise and quality assurance system, as:

  • Claude Bourgelat Institute: the Institute is part of VetAgro-Sup veterinarian school and is a technological platform dedicated to preclinical assays on small to medium animals. More information
  • Biovetim: a GLP analytical laboratory whose expertise is based on biomarkers’ determination by immunological methods, for preclinical testing of the drug for human or veterinary use.
    More information
  • Biovelys: an analytical laboratory dedicated to biochemical, hematological and cytological analysis for pre-clinical studies and research projects. More information
  • CERMEP : in vivo imaging platform dedicated to clinical and fundamental research (PET, MRI, MEG, …). More information
  • CarMeN Laboratory : the lab comprising research teams from INSERM, INRA, INSA and Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university. It is a biomedical research laboratory specializing in the fields of metabolic diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes and their cardiovascular complications (myocardiac infarction, stroke), kidney failure and dyslipidemia. More information