Preclinical exploratory research platforms

KineC3 platform©: this platform is dedicated to the study of the crossing of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for drug candidates targeting the central nervous system. The implementation of different in vivo exploration techniques and methods enable mechanistic and pharmacokinetics studies in the central nervous system (CNS).

Our proprietary and unique methods are based on :

Cerebral microdialysis (CMD), which allows us to monitor and measure regional brain biochemistry in conscious monkeys. It also allows drug injection in very precise brain parts, and avoids any possible interference associated with animal anesthesia. This technique offers the opportunity to run pharmacokinetic studies in brain extracellular fluid, which can be coupled with analyses of cerebrospinal fluid and circulating blood.

– Ethical and technical control of cerebrospinal fluid sequential sampling to perform comprehensive exploratory pharmacokinetic studies on the central nervous system during 24 to 72h.



KineIA platform©: thanks to in-house techniques for vascular catheterization of the portal vein, we are able to conduct pharmacokinetics studies to examine the «first pass effect » (also known as first-pass metabolism) of active substances administered orally.