To fulfill scientific and research needs as well as client’s requirements, we are convinced the best way to conduct outstanding, time and cost-effective projects is to work in a collaborative way with partners we trust.

Our prefered partners have been selected for their expertise, experiences and their commitment to high quality resultats and research. We also share common values and science drives our projects.


NHP biomedical research network

Cynbiose has developed privileged relationships with all actors in experimental primatology in France but also at an international level.

This solid network of partners enables us to organize and perform independently and with great reactivity the key steps of the implementation of a study from:

  • Animal selection with our breeding partners located in Mauritius Island, Vietnam and other countries. Selection criteria can include criteria age or seronegativity to specific antigens.
  • Importation, administrative and quarantine procedures required for the beginning of the studies thanks to our quarantine partner.
  • Experimental procedures submission to an independent ethical committee and the obtention of a positive opinion and constructive comments.
  • Realisation of research studies: sampling, frequent clinical monitoring of the animals, acquisition of imaging data and their interpretation if necessary.
  • Advanced surgical procedures.
  • Data analysis, statistics, study results and comprehensive reports observing time and quality commitments.


Preclinical and clinical research organizations

We work actively with preferred private partners that provide us with unparalleled capabilities, services and scientific advice in various fields.


Active Biomarkers logo Active Biomarkers is a global leader in immunobiology, offering expert soluble and cellular biomarker testing services to advance therapies from preclinical to clinical stages. Their offer combines tens of years of experience, the highest quality environment, and the largest panel of immunoassay technologies in Europe.


Their high versatility offer includes a large menu of prequalified biomarkers and fit-for-purpose approach to better meet your needs, using key technologies for:

  • Soluble biomarker testing (including anti-drug antibodies): single-plex ELISA, multiplex Luminex® and Simoa SP-XTM immunoassays, ultra-sensitive immunoassays on Simoa®HD-1 and MSD Quickplex SQ120
  • Cellular biomarker testing: ELISpot, multi-parametric flow cytometry and other cell-based assays

Their specialty therapeutic areas include oncology, infectious diseases, inflammatory, auto-immune, and neurodegenerative conditions.



The Technology Research Platform VirNext is a spin-off (EZUS Lyon) of the the VirPath laboratory, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL1). It was created to foster industrial partnerships and enhance translational and biomedical research and led to the build up of a substancial portfolio of patents, the transfer of technologies towards the industry, the implementation of several clinical trials and the creation of four companies (VirHealth, Signia Therapeutics, Vaxxel and VirexpR). VirNext offers expertise in the field of respiratory viruses and provides a large panel of technologies, including egg and cell-based processes of virus and vaccine antigen production, and several potency tests using in vitro (cell lines and reconstituted human airway epithelium) and in vivo (mouse, hamster, ferrets) models of infections by influenza viruses, pneumoviruses, adenovirus, rhinoviruses and coronaviruses (including SARS-CoV-2 variants), dedicated to the evaluation of prophylactic and therapeutic candidates. Founded in 2012, the VirNext platform was awarded twice by the inovation trophy of the French National Institute for Industrial Property. Currently, VirNext has 10 staff and is committed in several preclinical and technological development programs and services in order to contribute to a better control of (re)-emergent respiratory viruses.


Technological platforms

Cynbiose has developed long-lasting partnerships with various technological platforms acknowledged for their expertise and quality assurance system, as:

  • BIOASTER: a technology research institute based on a unique technological and innovative model to support the latest challenges in microbiology, in particular to fight antimicrobial resistance, improve vaccines safety and efficacy, and explore human and animal microbiota. The institute leads collaborative projects that bring together academics, start-ups, SMEs and industrial groups.
  • Biovelys: an analytical laboratory dedicated to biochemical, hematological and cytological analysis for pre-clinical studies and research projects.
  • CERMEP: in vivo imaging platform dedicated to clinical and fundamental research (PET, MRI, MEG, …).
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