15 Jun

Immune Response in Cancer and Infection – IRCI 2022

Lyon, France From : 15 June 2022 to : 17 June 2022

The focus of the IRCI symposium allows prominent scientists and clinicians to present their recent data in the multidisciplinary area of immunology in cancer and/or infectious diseases. As in our prior 1st IRCI symposium in 2017, our goal is to keep the number of participants limited thereby driving increased discussion between leaders in the field and attendees, thus strengthening as well as defining immunological research and curative therapies in the near future.

The IRCI meeting is organized by researchers from two leading centers in Lyon, the CIRI and CRCL.

Our CSO, Dr Joachim Confais, will be attending the congress.

For more information and to register : https://irci2022.insight-outside.fr

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