07 Dec

BioFit Workshop – How do we keep you in the race of Covid-19?

Delivered digitally From : 7 December 2020 to : 7 December 2020

We are currently facing one of the new emerging infectious diseases with the global pandemic COVID-19. Both public research and pharmaceutical industry have been mobilized to find ways to speed up the introduction of prophylactic or therapeutic solutions. We have to be SMART to win the race against COVID-19.

Faced with this demand from the pharmaceutical industry, the CROs are coming together to respond quickly and ingeniously to this unprecedented health crisis. Come and listen to Innovative Solution Providers. We will unveil our continuum of specialties to unlock the scientific padlocks linked to COVID-19.

Join Cynbiose and our partners Oncodesign, ERBC and PharmaLex  for our next workshop on the theme “How do we keep you in the race of Covid-19?“. Join us on Monday, December 7th from 11:15 to 12:30 (CET). The workshop will be held in English.

Key learning points:

  • Panorama of Emergent & Infectious Disease
  • The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak
  • Challenges to overcome ​to find a solution against Covid-19​
  • Our scientific & smart specialties to keep you in the race

To watchthe replay of the webinar, it’s here!

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