Cynbiose will attend BIO Europe – Hamburg, November 11-13th 2019

We are attending BIO Fall in Germany. We will be pleased to meet you there, contact us to arrange a meeting.

Cynbiose attends BioFIT – Marseille, December 10 & 11th, 2019

We are attending BioFIT in Marseille, a unique European event gathering academics, TTOs and research institutions.

We will be pleased to meet you there, contact us to arrange a meeting.

BioFIT website:

Cynbiose attends the 3rd scientific workshop of the MARVELOUS project in the field of stroke – Lyon, October 4 2019

Cynbiose will present a new model and non invasive imaging results during the scientific communication on  “PET/MRI measurements of perfusion and blood brain barrier permeability in a stroke model”.

Cynbiose is part of the MARVELOUS project dedicated to « New MR imAging to pReVent cErebraL and myocardial reperfUSion injury »,

More information :

Symposium “Innovative & integrated solution providers in translational research to develop immunotherapies” – Paris, September 30th 2019

Register for this one-day workshop co-organized by Cynbiose, Oncodesign, Aepodia, CERB and PharmaLex : an unparalleled network of key partners.

Don’t miss this unique event with keynote lectures and roundtables discussions to support your drug development projects. Cynbiose will lead the roundtable discussion  ” Unlocking the potential of immunotherapies and vaccines : relevance of non-human primates models”.

More information and registration on this event that will take place on Monday September 30th, 2019 (Maison de la Chimie, Paris (France):


Cynbiose attends the 7th Antibody Industrial Symposium (AIS) in Tours.

Tours, June 24-25th, 2019 – Cynbiose will be attending the AIS congress ( whose topic is «Harnessing the Immune System with Therapeutic Antibodies».
The topics covered this year are:

  • Harnessing the Immune System with Immunomodulatory therapeutic Antibodies
  • Immunomodulation via cell membrane Antigens
  • Pitch Session Immunomodulation with mAbs : New Strategies & Technologies
  • Immunomodulation via Soluble Antigens
  • Immunomodulation via FC-FcgammaR interaction

Contact us to meet during the congress.

Cynbiose (FR) and Motac Neurosciences (UK, CN) sign a strategic partnership in metabolic disorders.

Lyon, January 8th, 2019 – Cynbiose SAS and Motac Neurosciences Ltd, two CRO specialised in preclinical services for the biopharmaceutical industry sign a strategic partnership to commercialize an integrated offer for exploratory and pharmacokinetics studies.

Both companies also agreed to co-develop innovative and proprietary preclinical models in metabolic disorders.

Contact us for more information.

Cynbiose attends the 2nd Immunotherapies for Infectious Congress (I4ID).

Lyon, December 10-11th , 2018 – The I4ID program is focusing on « Host-Directed Therapies (HDT) to fight infectious diseases ». HDT is a new emerging alternative approach to treat infectious diseases and overcome the problem of antimicrobial resistance and the lack of broad-spectrum virus-targeting drugs that we still encountered nowadays.

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Cynbiose celebrates its 10th anniversary !

Lyon, November 2018 – Cynbiose thanks all employees and clients that have been a part of its rapid expansion and success !

Cynbiose attends the 2nd scientific workshop of the MARVELOUS project in the field of stroke and presents a scientific communication

Lyon, October 5th, 2018 – Cynbiose is part of the public-private consortium of the MARVELOUS project dedicated to « New MR imAging to pReVent cErebraL and myocardial reperfUSion injury », a new MRI technique for myocardial and cerebral infarction.

On this occasion, Cynbiose will present a scientifc communication entitled « Characterization of a new stroke model in non-human primate ».

The workshop theme will be dealing with Cerebral Vascular Accident and Acute Myocardial Infarction with discussions around imaging techniques, biomarkers, animal models and ischemia-reperfusion.

Members of the scientific advisory board, French research agency ANR representatives, academic research and clinical teams will be present.

More information on the MARVELOUS project :

Cynbiose granted a renewal of the AAALAC accreditation

Lyon, June 2018 – Cynbiose’s team is very pleased to share the renewal of the AAALAC accreditation status for the facility.

It rewards the collective commitment of Cynbiose’s staff in the development and continuous improvement of the animal care program, well beyond the regulatory constraints already particularly severe for primate species.
It also reflects the acknowledgement of Cynbiose’s ongoing commitment to ensure the quality of studies, both in service delivery and R&D, on models with a high scientific relevance to human health.

This accreditation represents an additional guarantee to its clients, sponsors and partners on the team’s epxertise and its commitment to scientific quality and animal welfare.

List of accredited facilities in France and Europe: